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Get Smooth, Hassle-Free Skin With Laser Hair Removal

Do you get tired of shaving, waxing, and generally fretting about body hair? And after you’ve put in so much effort, it still always grows back. It’s the summer again; shouldn’t you be able to experience hassle-free, smooth, hairless skin already? Well, we have good news: Laser treatments are available to help you get the skin you desire. 

At S.Aesthetics.MD, Dr. Tuan Doan, as well as the rest of our team, want to provide you with as many options as possible to give you the look and feel you want for your body. Laser treatments can remove unwanted body hair and significantly reduce hair growth in just a few, simple sessions. 

The lowdown on laser hair removal

Have you thought about laser hair removal but aren’t sure what exactly it entails? The procedure is simple. Basically, lasers work by heat up cells in and on your body that have become undesirable. This includes hair follicles that continue to grow hair faster than you care to manage them. The process is simple, effective, and much less time-consuming than shaving or waxing. 

How laser hair removal works

Of course, it’s important to not only understand what laser hair removal does but how it works. For example, many people expect to receive one treatment and have a hairless body forever. 

But because hair grows in cycles, this is unrealistic, and according to a 2019 study, most people should expect to receive four to six treatments — with four to six weeks in between each one — before they see the best possible results. 

It’s also important to understand that different people will experience different results. For example, the location, pigmentation, growth stage, and hormonal status of the hair can all affect the process. This is why it is important to discuss the procedure with Dr. Doan beforehand and to have realistic, informed expectations about the process.  

A good candidate for laser hair removal

While laser hair removal is different for everyone, there are a few key traits for being a good candidate for this procedure. These include such things as understanding the process, being unlikely to scar easily, and being free from active skin infections, especially in the area being treated. 

Still, we understand that many people are nervous about the process. Here are a few facts to help you better understand laser treatments and to determine if it might be the procedure you’re looking for. 

For these reasons, we believe laser hair removal is a great alternative to regular body hair maintenance. If you’re looking for soft, hassle-free skin, it’s time to schedule an appointment. 

Start laser hair removal right away

If you’re ready to say goodbye to regular body hair maintenance and to start your laser hair removal treatments, call the office 916-246-6576, or book an appointment online.

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