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Refresh Summer-Worn Skin With a Chemical Peel

The summer’s coming to a close, but many of us are just beginning to experience its effects on our skin. With spending more time outside, in addition to the incessant heat waves, your skin may be feeling worn and dehydrated, even past the point that your regular moisturizing routine can easily repair. Fortunately, there are ways to combat this issue, and one of them is a chemical peel.

At S.Aesthetics.MD, located in Rocklin, California, Dr. Tuan Doan, as well as the rest of our team, wants to help you look and feel your absolute best. This article explains how a treatment like a chemical peel can refresh and rejuvenate the skin, especially at the end of a summer as long, hot, and stressful as this one. 

The lowdown on chemical peels

If you’ve never had this treatment before, you may be wondering what a chemical peel is and how it works. Chemical peels are part of our facial rejuvenation series. These treatments utilize mild chemicals to remove the top layer of skin cells, which are the layers that usually show the most damage. A chemical peel strips these layers away, revealing the younger, fresher skin beneath. 

How chemical peels help with summer-worn skin

We all know being outside and getting a little sun can be good for our bodies in so many ways, but protecting your skin from the summer sun is a full-time job. According to the University of Utah, our ideas about summer skin care — both culturally and scientifically — have radically changed over the years. Specifically, we now understand that too much sun, heat, and humidity can dry out the skin, and tanning can lead to even more issues like skin damage.   

Fortunately, a chemical peel can help by breathing new life into the skin, removing the damaged layers on the surface, allowing you to look and feel your best. Chemical peels can even help to minimize the impacts of sun damage, sun spots, and other issues caused by the summer sun. 

Maintaining the positive effects of a summer chemical peel

While this can be an extremely helpful treatment for dry, damaged, or simply worn post-summer skin, it’s important to also remember the rules for your aftercare. For one, you will need to protect your skin even more than usual after you receive a chemical peel. The skin on the surface is now new and vulnerable. 

To achieve this, remember to: 

Another tip we recommend is to moisturize and to drink lots of water.

Finally, make sure you allow your skin time to heal and fully gain the benefits of your chemical peel before you start living life as normal. You don’t want to have the treatment and then head straight to the beach.

Get your chemical peel today

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